Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I went outside to swing - yes, I go play on a swingset for hours even in negative temperatures, I'm that stupid - and some kid was walking around on the street.

Weird thing was, he was from my school and still wearing the uniform, though it was about four hours after exams had ended for the day. Well, maybe he was waiting for someone... and I didn't change out of my uniform all that quickly either. Still, it bothered me because when I swing, I instantly look for any motion on the ground - and I kept seeing him out of the corner of my eye. Couldn't focus and clear my mind properly.

...Wonder if he's still there - nah, that's a paranoid and ridiculous thought.
I apologize - this post is totally useless for anything except my random musings.


  1. I care, so your tag is a lie XP Unless I'm Noone now.

    That had to be annoying while you were swinging. >.< I hope he's not still out there if it's cold out...

  2. If it catches your attention and strikes you as significant enough to keep thinking about, then it's not ridiculous or useless.

    I'm so sorry I wasn't around for the past few days- I came down with a bad cold that left me stuck in bed for four days... How are you doing now?

  3. Careful Stormy

    talk to me if anything comes up

  4. Yeah. I hate it when people walk past because I automatically turn to stare at them and people will park in the visitor's parking and then not get out for a while so I'll be paranoid and continue to stare at them until they do. I blame my mom for being overprotective - I almost got abducted once when I was really little, so I'm nervous about a ton of stuff now.

    @Holly - A lot better... if you read through the comments from my last posts you saw that everyone told me to stop beating myself up. A lot less shaky. Nothing much has happened here other than exams, which is both amazing and relieving.

    Don't worry, Slice. I will, but I shouldn't anticipate too much happening.