Monday, January 10, 2011

Take Me Away

So! Stuff has happened. Mostly, I fell sick, played video games, moaned, stressed out... but things that did not revolve around me took place.

Such as my brother's girlfriend who had moved in with us for two years leaving for an indefinite amount of time.

I'm... sad, but surprised too because I never caught wind of this until it was apparently too late for me to say anything. I'm trying to keep quiet and stay out of the way - my mom isn't happy. We all cared for her.

Other news: more snow. Yay. Looked through my old dream diary - I had a dream about a faceless guy a while back, but it might have been because I checked out the Something Awful thread before I actually started reading blogs or anything like that. My other dreams were either trippy or mundane, so it was fun to read through some of them. Some though were just... creepy.

Well, I hope to have good dreams tonight - it seems CA isn't half so lucky. Sleep safely, I suppose.


  1. Sweet Dreams, Stormecho! Dream of candy canes and lollipops and your next fanfiction xD

  2. I'll certainly try...

    Eh, really not feeling well again. Maybe getting some sleep will help.