Monday, April 25, 2011

i didnt know

what to do

left her there so much blood wonder when someone will find her

her eyes were open so i didnt look

been moving


when i slept, i dreamed of killing you all

all of you so strong, some so confident, others managing to live and live and live - i could not do it so i hid in fear until i was Chosen and then i lied, and smiled in my dreams

So many not yet fallen, so many i could Hunt

once i wanted to be like you all

Friday, April 15, 2011

echo isnt here anymore

she bleeds like i bled when i was Marked but i could not let her be Marked

i was Chosen i was special i am the only one to sleep and dream and wake

He would come for her, but i should be the only Marked and Chosen

she ran anyways, but her hunt is ended

the echoes are fading

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awakening - Reality



but i was dreaming and there is no truth in sleep

i was dreaming and i wanted to wake up

soon, soon the trees said but i wanted to wake up and

i am awake now

i looked up to you all

so strong so brave so wise and it was easy to dream of fear i wanted to be like you but i could not and then i was Marked

and now there is no more sleep no more dreams

i can begin

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I can't see most of my Twitter past the April Fool's stuff, and... Echo hasn't let me touch the computer until I promised I would only post an update.

I- I think I've been losing time. I blink and Echo leaves the room to get something to eat - and then suddenly she's at the computer and reading something I wrote that I can't remember and can't see. And what I wrote isn't... good, going by her expression and the questions she's asked.

Her blog is scrambled for me - I can see it, and read stuff, but some of the text is squished and inverted.

I'm scared.
so close 

just dozing

i can hear the voices

Monday, April 11, 2011

To Recap

Echo probably doesn't trust me at all right now given I can't see anything important, I'm not about to kill my head trying to go around a perception filter - nifty name for it, Ryuu - and I actually feel...

Well, great. Well-rested and all that. I'd be in a good mood if things weren't so tense right now. I don't even have that weird thing with my sight whenever I see trees... Traded one filter for another, maybe.

Think I'll see if I can't get something to eat... soon.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Something's Not Right

Echo pressured me into posting this update - she says that it'll be useful, but all I have to report is... weirdness. Might as well start at the beginning.

I slept for a really long time - like, unusually long, maybe because I was forcing myself to stay up before - and when I woke up, the laptop was on to an empty screen. Echo... seemed really tense. She didn't yell or anything, but I think she's worried, and she didn't really explain why - when I asked if I had moved around, she seemed even more weirded out.

I clearly don't remember what I seemed to have done, but when she tried to explain it, it just came out as a mess. I checked, and my blog and dashboard are... fine. Everything's working, all the blogs I follow show up, though Echo seems iffy about me being on the computer for long in general.

At least I don't feel as tired or nervous anymore, you know? Sleep is really good for something.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i can hear them rustling in my head

ware, oh ware, who is chosen, marked as sacred?

Blood on the trees

shh, shh, no more pain soon

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Currently Imprisoned

So. Not sure when we'll be on the move again, given we have a stalker and I seem to be in the habit of trying to re-enact an escape the room game in my sleep. gnignahc era sgniht 

I'm... trying to be sarcastic and lighthearted about it but I kind of broke down a little before. Crying and stuff. I'm a crybaby - I do it a lot. I'm sure Echo's fed up with me bawling just because I can sleepwalk now. ekaw i lliw nehw

I... don't know what to do, other than drink coffee and set alarms so I don't sleep long. Doors are locked. I feel like I'm... betraying Echo somehow. We're supposed to be Running and I'm tripping her up all the time.

I'm so sorry.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Am I Here?

Not an existential crisis. I'm not that far down the list yet.

No - because I fucking woke up in the afternoon today with Echo screaming at me, about the leave the hotel room, and I don't remember it.

I've been sleeping. A lot. Later than I've ever been used to. Not like... this, though. It's not... lost time or teleporting, but I just...

I was sleepwalking. How ridiculous - my parents weren't afflicted and apparently it's genetic, though there are factors that could have helped provoke it. From Wikipedia: Other precipitating factors to sleepwalking are those factors which increase the slow wave sleep stage.[15] These most commonly include sleep deprivation, fever, and excessive tiredness

Just fucking great. And sleepwalkers look like zombies too. Much as I wanted to get back at Echo in some way for her prank... freaking her out like this was not what I wanted to do.

I feel sick.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So Yeah

Um. That was an April Fool's joke, if it wasn't obvious enough. I wanted to go "I am Redlight" but pranks are supposed to be at least kind of believable, right?

Also, he/it/they scare me enough that I wouldn't ever try to taunt him/it/them.

Other than that? Echo clearly did not resist the urge to prank me while I was sleeping. I now have scribbly scales in permanent marker on my arms. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with pigeons - or me mentioning I used to have dreams where I was a dragon. Regardless, she's been laughing and being smug since I got up, and it's hard to stay mad right now. I mean, I haven't laughed for a really long time.

So yeah. Thanks, even if you are smirking at me from across the room right now. Stay safe, everyone.

EDIT: Ohai, proxy followers. I would welcome you, but you're proxies and have only been creeper lurkers anyways. So. Why are all of my newest followers proxies? It's kind of weird.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I Can't Keep Silent Anymore

To watch you guys worry like that - it's ridiculous. You don't even know wHo I Am. All so gullible - it's Honestly such a lAugh. I never thougHt I'd hAve this much fun leading you all on.

Care to play a game?

Happy April 1st.