Sunday, January 2, 2011


Is not how I expected the New Year to start. At least... not for everyone else.

It's been quiet, here. My friends accepted my paranoia with some scepticism, testing my sanity and telling me to chill when I got a bit too jumpy. I slept fine, but my dad came down with a fast-moving flu and thus kept me from the computer due to being asleep and feeling crappy. He's coughing, but less so today, so I'm not too worried.

It seems Vexil - I mixed up your gender, sorry! - has no memory of scaring me with binary, so... amnesia or a proxy in the making. :/ Or a somewhat clich├ęd tactic for trying to be creepy... I'll be optimistic and hope that it was just an ARG, and he mistook this as a fictional blog or something. My friends saw the message and admit it was quite creepy, but now it seems to have been just a scare tactic. Today, though... second dream of my least favourite eldritch stalker, though I can't remember it well, just that it was mildly unsettling. Not enough to wake me up.

...Not like the first. That one was not fun at all. Thankfully, it wasn't cryptic - just me watching a video and someone beside me announcing that he's "over there!" and the camera shifting and my gaze focusing on two people walking past in the background... And one lacking a face. I sat up and suitably freaked out for the next three hours.

So, someone mind updating me on what's happened? It sounds like everyone else had some eventful happenings...


  1. Well, you covered Vexil.

    CA went after Slendy with a supersoaker rigged to a car battery as a lightning gun. Wound up hurting himself with it.

    Vieve/Chester got attacked and now have Kaylee held hostage.

    Raz is now sharing his head with D and they killed Tom.

    Susan had her first slender sighting. Anon is going to pick her up.

    Anon and Raz both have some creep with a 7 fetish posting on their blogs.

    Uh... *trying to think* I'm not really sure whose blogs you've been following or how much you need catching up on. So, I did my best off the top of my head.

    Sorry about the dream. Good luck getting to sleep better and stay safe!

  2. ...Yeah, a great start to the New Year.

    Damn it guys, I told you all to be safe and sane for when I got back! Raz, you bastard, now you can't read my fanfics!

    Horrible attempts at joking aside, Vieve and Chester seem to have come out relatively well... I'm worried most about Susan, I admit. Even if she's protected now... aren't the ones who escaped him before high priority targets? That's... bad.

    I feel useless.

  3. Yup. Break out the confetti, right?

    Raz is still... Half there. You're better off reading his most recent blog entry to understand.

    Hey, always better to try and make light of things. And the same. Who's to say he wont find Anon and Susan? And Anon trying to protect her will probably just get him in trouble as well...

    So do I. But there has to be something. We're both story writers! Quick! Leech off of Zero's idea more! *bad joke, sorry*

  4. Hey, make it sound like I'm suicidal why don't you?

    It was a minor setback.

    But yea, Storm, stuff's happened, but we're all here in some form or another, so eventful, yes, but we've made it.


  5. @ CA: Sorry, sorry. But what you did was kinda stupid. I give you credit for trying, but...

  6. Yeah I'm still here... and not running as fast, cause I think He doesn't feel the need to follow us as quickly since he has D inside my head.

    I'm NoT dOiNg AnYtHiNg BaD...

    I know D, It's fine, don't worry. So yeah, but don't worry, I'm still around.

    Raz P. / D

  7. Drake came and took me to his house to protect me. Mom wasn't too happy about it but so far everything is fine now that I'm here. Drake has been doing protection spells all day I hope they work.

  8. Not sure if I'd have the courage to suddenly write a story for this kind of thing... or the esteem.

    @CA - I'm glad you're okay, so. x3

    @Raz - Also glad you're alright, though maybe a proper introduction to D is in order... or do I want that? The erratic caps keep making me try to find some code, but I suppose it's better than binary...

    @Susan - I hope they work too! I think what's important is to believe in the spells and the love your brother has for you. He's really going all out to help you. <3 He reminds me of a less gruff version of my big brother, actually~ You're lucky to have him looking out for you.

  9. Why can't we drop it? I'm gonna try it again, you know.

    Maybe if it kills me, you'll leave me alone about it. :P

    I'm joking.


  10. x3 Is my worrisome nature becoming a bit annoying?

    Nice to see that you can joke about such things, though. Too bad you couldn't get a picture of your makeshift lightning gun... I'd like to see it. Reminds me of the Tesla Troopers in Red Alert 2.

  11. I'm in Texas now, it's back in Iowa.

    I'm working on another one, grounded this time, to avoid the explosion/reflection that happened last time.

    I don't think he'll kill me, and that's high hopes.

    He's going to try and turn me, I know too much, I can be of use to him.