Saturday, January 29, 2011


I'm calm, I'm safe - a proxy kind of tried to break into the house and after huddling on the floor for I don't know how long, I stopped hearing him making noise and I went and called 911 and explained - you know, without the suspicion that the person trying to break in was a servant of a faceless abomination, don't think that'd go over very well - notified my parents and now I'm... feeling more confident.

Don't ask how much coffee I had to be relatively calm and awake right now.

Wish I could take those medieval martial arts classes right now. Glad I don't have any school that forces me to walk to and back - second semester starts on Thursday though.

...I don't feel like I can stand worrying about school right now. Or anything beyond the fear that next time I go with my mom to walk the dog, I won't be able to pretend I didn't see him.

Cathy, Jeff, anyone else whose life has become particularly messed up at the moment - I'm sorry. So, so sorry. Good luck to everyone doing their weird studies that I can barely keep track of, and especially to Reach and Ava, not that my wishes of fortune will probably help much. Stay safe. Bleh - when I type it, I imagine my voice sounding so false - it seems like an almost clich├ęd phrase now. ...Doesn't change that I'd like you guys to at least try - looking at you, Darby.

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  1. Hush. I do the best I can, but I'm not letting any of you be at risk when I seem to have a better chance at surviving.

    It's out of love for you guys that I keep putting myself at risk.

    I'll be around.