Saturday, January 15, 2011

Been a while...

I've been pretty mopey lately, sorry for not posting. Had a ton of weird dreams, and a huge-ass headache that lasted a few days - everything's kind of been a feverish blur. :/

My dashboard keeps glitching up for some reason... weird. My computer's a decaying piece of crap anyways.


  1. Awwww, that sounds awful, Stormecho!

    When you get the time, could you explain the Japanese post with the long limbed demon/people things?

  2. What?

    I haven't posted anything in Japanese - or anything since the 10th.

    O_o I'm not that fluent in Japanese anyways - definitely not ready to show my skills to the world.

  3. Yes, Stormecho, you have posted since the 10th and before today.

    You can't see the post title "Please" on your blogger? For the 13th?

    It reads:
    "It's all about belief, isn't it?




    "I will close the eyes of those who will perish"

    私の目は閉じられています。.. 誰が、私が見ることができるように、(彼・それ)らを切り開くでしょうか? Ashinaga - jin の後に続いてください。 Tenaga - jin の後に続いてください。 同じように同じように同じ。"

    I translated it in your comments. And the two "Jin" things are people with long arms/legs. It had me worried for DAYS.

  4. What?

    I - I don't even know most of those kanji. I can't see the blogger post at all, either.

    Kiki, this is a joke, right? Like that binary post?

  5. It's not. i wish it was, but I'm not this creative. I google translated what it said.

    The first part:

    "Do you believe?
    Do you believe?
    Do you believe?"

    And than the second part:

    "My eyes are closed. ... who, as I can see, (that he) would carve out from what? Ashinaga - jin please follow later. Tenaga - jin please follow later. Same as the same way."

    C.A. saw the post and commented on it at well. I'm glad you're alright, but this isn't a joke.

  6. I saw it too.

    Stormy, this is real, and sounds like trouble. I've got some trouble too.

    Don't you wish it was all still pranks? :S

  7. I...

    Fuck. This - this, you're not even /in/ the mythos, I didn't do anything, I just felt sick these past few days...

    I don't suppose I've got weird kanji splattered all over this post too that I miraculously can't see?

  8. I did see it Storm.
    This isn't a game anymore.


  9. Oh, damn it. This isn't good. You might want to check up on the computer troubles you've been having, Storm dear. I get the feeling it's not irrelevant.

    This reminds me of the time you saw a phantom post on my blog. I don't recall you saying what was in it. It was probably nothing, like I said, but now I'm a little concerned.

  10. I guess all we can do is wait now, and find out.
    I'm at a loss at the moment, so we'll see.


  11. @ Holly: The Phantom post was something your thing to type blogs up on word messed up. No actual content. Just: "This is me being a glitch and making a post appear even though there's nothing here" Nothing bad.

  12. Not a game anymore... I wish I could laugh it off and not believe you guys.

    Honestly, though, my computer's been acting up for ages - that's no indication of anything. ...Blogger dashboard is still messed up, though. Can't even tell if you guys updated your blogs, for some reason.

    ...I'm getting a laptop soon, maybe that'll help.

  13. @Stormecho: That sucks about the comp.

    Can you see your newest post with the binary?

  14. Shit - no, I can't see anything except this post and the one on the 10th and those before.

    Wow, binary now - am I graduating into clichéd codes?

    Trying to laugh is easier than huddling in a corner, you know?

  15. Yes. You also speak Polish.

    Translation of the post:

    Tytuł - Polish. Means "Title"

    Nalepki - Also Polish. Means "Stickers"

    The binary translates to "NOTICE"

  16. Title, stickers? That's... random. But yeah, I speak Polish normally - you hear it all the time in the house, especially since my grandmother can't speak more than three badly accented words of English.

    Would I be more or less worried if the messages were the usual "heseesyou" garbage?