Friday, January 7, 2011

Orchestrator of Faith

Weeell~ It snowed, which makes me incredibly happy. We finally have enough snow to cover most of the grass, and to ensure the air was less bitter and... dead. I love snowy winters~ My dad has recovered from the flu but now my mom has a nasty cold, which is unfortunate. I have an essay to do, but classes are pretty easy and I'm doing well and yeah.

My paranoia has also decreased a lot lately, and today I've just been... happy. Doing a lot of roleplaying, some writing - not much - and reading and playing video games. I'm... not entirely relaxed, but I'd say I'm content for now. I also now have 12 followers, yay! Thank you, Jean, Slice. I feel honoured to have so many people even mildly interested in what I have to say, or just my rambling.

...Did you know there is a monster in Tales of Symphonia called a Gentleman? It's very rare, drops a useful healing item, and its mob avatar-thing on the world map only stands still and watches. In battle, it turns out to be a special Clay Golem (an annoying breed of monster that's really tall with really long arms and legs and insanely thin) in a snazzy suit, with no actual face.

...Yeah. I spent half my mornings trying to find it and then dreading if I do. Fun, eh?

Not much else to talk about, though my followers have had some interesting stuff happen. Raz introduced me to D, CA's making another try at a lightning gun and... had a great dream, Anon found a willow wand of some sort... I feel absurdly normal compared to all of you. Nothing has happened~

Stay safe and sane, all of you.


  1. Haha. Normal is rare in the world, which makes you special! xD

    'Scuse the weird logic. Sick=not much going on in my head. The hamsters aren't running in their wheels, etc.

    What do you roleplay?

  2. Yeah fellow roleplayers!

    Things have been positively idyllic over here too.

  3. A lot of stuff! Mostly my favourite fandoms - I dabble in Naruto and Inuyasha when I have time and muse, but I'm most active currently on a Digimon site and some Dragonrider of Pern RPs. Planning to get back into some Pokemon and Tortall roleplay, and I have an idea bouncing around to start a Tales of Symphonia forum myself, but I don't know if I will.

    x3 Yeah, RPing! *highfives*