Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quick Update

First exam is over and done with, and I have some good news, to balance out my slight freak out when I was walking to school and back. I walk with music, and it just so happened to glitch out - once on the way to school, and a few times on the way back. I looked around each time and saw... nothing but people walking, so maybe it's just my music player.


Because, you know, coincidences do happen.

Okay, going to stop shooting myself in the leg here. Exam went fine, and my co-op placement is a go, which means I get to spend 2+ hours at a computer doing vaguely intelligent things like updating a site, doing product stats and learning html, css and search engine optimization.

Not too bad, especially if she likes my work enough to take me on after. I need money if I want to take those medieval martial arts classes... knowing how to use a knife would be really awesome right now.


  1. It does help. I'm not sure about the class, but knowing weapon types does help, and how to use them.

    Thanks Army, about the only good thing you've done ever.

    Hey, if you wanna talk, or need anything explained or just need anything in general, you know what I'm about to say.

    I'll be around.


  2. To be fair, I learned more about knives from my stint in Detroit than I learned in ANY martial arts school, even the medieval one.

    As long as you don't use it like a sword and you mean business you'll be fine.

    Be careful stormy.

  3. I'd offer to teach you how to use it myself, if we didn't live so far apart, lol.