Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Obsession


Feeling... better, now. I've been following and talking to the Liesmith in comments, scanning the pictures that were uploaded...

So many Norse references. I feel almost compelled to keep looking, keep commenting, being the mythology geek that I am. It's an obsession, I guess, but I can't complain because it keeps me from being too whiny about not being able to move around much. Not that I've been feeling so afraid. Almost... calm, right now. Focused. I want to go outside, though - outside outside, like, to some woodlot or parkland or whatever, not to a street. Some place that's alive and not so smoggy.

So yeah, feeling restless, and I might slip outside for a bit now.

...I'm a bit sad that the Liesmith is apparently leaving. He portrays a riddle, and I adore riddles. Always have. A possibly divine one? Well, that just lures me right in.

Alright, the air feels... nice. Going to go.


  1. Glad you made a friend in the Liesmith. I would suggest hanging out in Central Park! There's a ZOO there.

  2. Be careful around trees Stormecho. You know that He likes to hang out around them. Also, make sure you're always around other people, that way He won't try to make a move.

    Stay safe!

    ~Eternally Anonymous~