Monday, February 28, 2011

Nothing, Again

Has happened here. Not that I've been exactly adventurous - been cooped up in the house because taking walks or going to a park is exactly the stupidest thing I could have done right now. I've always liked playgrounds, especially swingsets, but I haven't gone near them since... this started.


I feel so... small. No, that's not the right word, but... maybe cowardly? Jeff has - he's... sacrificed himself, I think. And Robert's being an insane martyr/hero intent on continuing no matter how many times he goes insane. And so many people are trying to fight or run or survive, and I'm just... hiding. South of the border, now, but I'm jumpy as hell and wish I knew how to use the dagger I brought with me, though maybe it's a good thing I don't or I'd stab the first person to try to sneak up on me. Still, all I'm doing is hiding and trying to gather the courage and presence of mind to figure out where to go next, if I should stay with Echo...

I've always been indecisive. This pressure just makes it worse. I've been following the Liesmith's posts a lot now. Maybe it's the Norse echoes, or how similar he seems to the trickster characters I was planning on portraying in my novel...

As if I'll get the chance to write it out now, eh?

Still, it makes me feel slightly better, despite the disturbing facts he might be unearthing every time he posts. Reminds me of BEN - you can never be sure of or trust anything that's said...

...I must be in a good mood if I'm recalling paranoid ARGs like that.


  1. As always, Storm, if you need to stay somewhere else, you're welcome over here by me and Kay. Just say the word, and you'll have a place to stay and food.


  2. @Lucien
    I was going to go to Kay's, but you probably know by now why I'm not.
    Relax. It won't help getting keyed up... That's a fact. Go watch a movie. Maybe Megamind? Let the cute ginormous blue head calm you! xD

  3. we all feel small on the inside, Stormy, no matter what we look like on the outside. right now i feel VERY small, but i'm getting over it, and working to make myself better.

    being a Runner isn't a death sentence, not by a long shot. if you're bored enough to be nervous, than do something you love. and if you wanna write a book, than frigging do it, and don't let TPF or anyone else stop you.

  4. Thanks, Lucien. I might check into that soon.

    ...Thanks everyone, really. I've been feeling really restless, so... new post will be up shortly.