Friday, March 4, 2011


I... think I need to explain. Things. What happened. It's only fair.

Echo's asleep, I think. Or unconscious. I'm really grateful... I can't believe she took care of me. My head hurts, but... I think I feel better. I can see and stuff, though the room looks a bit... wonky. Maybe I hit my head. I don't know.

I really had to go outside, before. Like, it was... I don't know, a compulsion. I stayed in the hotel room for a long time, so I guess it made sense, but I think He was whispering to me -

...Trying not to think of... It's hard. I don't really remember much from when I was outside - like, I remember being in some sort of park/forest-y place, but not getting there. I don't think it matters. There weren't any paths, which I thought was weird. Just this circle of forest around me... I wasn't even freaking out. I should have been.

I think that scares me, now. I didn't try to run away, just kind of stood there, and then...

I really don't want to do this. I know I should explain, but whenever I try I can hear the tapping again and ohfuck branches stretching into the room - and then when I blink they're gone. Um. I got really hurt. I think I bled on the laptop when I used it before... I can't really remember that either. Not much of it. Where I got hurt... branches. Of trees. I think it was all very careful, because I'm not dead or gutted or anything, and then I was allowed to run and I hit more trees. I don't remember how I got to Echo's. Maybe I had been there the whole time.

I wish I could say I was totally unconscious, but I wasn't, and I could see stuff happening but there were shadows everywhere and they hurt to look away from and made everything look like the trees were already there and rooted and I'm so sorry Echo I wish I could have done something and I'm scared...

Why am I awake now?


  1. Be careful... Please.... /hug

  2. you're awake now because your mind fought off whatever It had you under. you're strong, Storm. stronger than you think. -hugs-

  3. Thaaaaaaank goodness. This is good news too. Are we going to start getting everyone back...? ~Frap

  4. I concur with Haku.

    ~ Branwen

  5. It's good to have you back Stormy. I know I've told you this in person, but I figured I should add my two cents in on your blog as well. You had us all worried.

    We need to talk.

  6. You did well, dear Stormecho. The fact that you survived is impressive. As the others have said, you are stronger then you think...

    -The Liesmith