Saturday, March 19, 2011

Echo sings better than I do, at least. Even if drunk and weird - and if she waves alcohol near me I'm going to get away as fast as I can. That stuff smells.

I can't remember having had any dreams bad enough to make me freak out. I can't remember any dreams at all. And I'm still tired... I wish I knew if I was coming down with something or... not.

It's like there are shadows of a forest in my head and when I close my eyes they're more real - so I find stuff to look at, to keep my eyes open until I can't. Like just... browsing and reading things and looking at comics. Stupid stuff, but it makes me feel better. Demotivational posters and TV Tropes and random things that'll suck me in and keep me from closing my eyes for long.

I feel guilty too - I know Echo wasn't feeling great, but I don't know, I wasn't sure of what to say, or if I could help her at all... I think being exhausted keeps me from doing anything.

I feel like I suck now.

What's wrong with me? 


  1. Ew. Alcohol. Bahahaha...drunks...

    I'm sorry, mon amie. All I can say is try to take care of yourself.

    Do you feel sick at all? Like sore or nauseous or anything other than exhausted?

    ~ Branwen

  2. No, just... tired.

    And Reach's latest post, and all the revelations about the Liesmith and just so much -

    I guess it's understandable to be tired.