Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too Few Decisions

Echo's been at me for a while to move. I don't know... I'm so tired of just going from place to place in a country I don't even live in. Maybe it's just the constant travelling.

Maybe it's not.

Sometimes I could swear I hear this... I don't know. If you took the sound of rustling leaves, I guess, and stifled it and lowered the volume so it's just this sound in the back of your head. Barely noticeable. I can't even convince myself that it's there.

I'm so scared of what'll happen if I stay here, but even when we do move around, the sound is still there. We can't run forever, right?

...Sorry, being a downer again. I know we need to keep moving, but... I'm so scared. I don't know how Echo manages to be cheerful enough to scare pigeons and stuff like that. I just can't do it.


  1. Because even through the bad, you have to find some reason to smile. If you can't, you're better off dead. I mean, look at me: my sister was captured by a proxy, but I had to find a way to smile and get throgh it. I found two: two others managed to find her and save her, and I managed to figure out the first clue I was given.

    Always have to find a way to smile.


  2. just remember, Stormy... refusing to decide is the same as deciding the opposite. if you do not choose, you choose to stay, and i think it's time to go.