Monday, March 28, 2011

Note to Self

If I ever go batshit and try to leave because of trees, don't get pissed off when I am stopped by Echo.

Also: Redlight, your comment makes me feel so much better. Now having the possibility and great honour of being hacked by a magnificent bastard like you, well...

I'll probably suffer but this, but I'm in a weird mood, so fuck you.


  1. Apparently that's not the real Redlight anyways.

    Exactly who it is though...I don't know.

    ~ Branwen

  2. I think most of us have a good idea on who that "redlight" is.


  3. Oh. Lovely. So even when I do get in the mood to snark at dangerous people, I snark at the wrong ones...

  4. hey, you still snarked at the one who commented at you. that's something ;D