Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Did He Let You Go?

I... woke up early. Again. My sleep schedule is all weird due to... what happened, I think. After I calmed down, I slept for a really long time, and now I just can't. Maybe it's just paranoia...

I don't know where we're going. Echo could tell me all she likes and I probably would still have no idea. I don't even know the layout of America well, never bothered to pay attention to it before, so... hopeless to tell me. Useful, too, in case... yeah.

I've been thinking about a lot of things. So I'll try to express my thoughts in some sort of parable or allegory or whatever. Hopefully it'll work...

You are a hunter, and you've caught a - a fox, in your trap. Now, it can't get away, because it is too young and naive or afraid of pain to gnaw its leg off and free itself, and even if it sacrifices a limb, you will catch it anyways. So it cannot move, and you are free to skin it and take its pelt and string the organs -

No, no, that's not... that's not right. You are a fox, caught in a trap, and the hunter is standing there. He could kill you, but he doesn't. Instead, he springs the trap and watches you leave.

Why did he let you go?

Please, answer me this. I... need to find an answer.


  1. Pity?

    Because you are not ready to eat or skin yet?

    Because you are not ripe for the picking.

    He has all the time in the world.

  2. He let the fox go, so it could lead him back to it's den, where all the other foxes are cowering in fear.

    At least, that's how I see it my dear...

    -The Liesmith

  3. I do not want to be a trap myself...

    At least we're not going towards other bloggers, now. At least there's that.