Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That Nagging Feeling

It seems I've finally developed a proxy sense, or at least a way to tell something's up. Wish I had gotten it before I went out like an idiot and got scratched up for my pains.

Something feels wrong. I've told Echo this time - while sneaking some coffee because being hyper on caffeine is better than feeling like I'm about to fall asleep - and nothing's shown up yet. I don't have any pressing urge to suddenly go outside and stare at trees, so...

Some random other stuff has been nagging at me. I have this urge - from my grandmother, I think - to pick at scabs or make random bleedings wounds on my fingers or face when I'm worried or bored. I think I must've been doing it unconsciously lately, because I keep waking up with blood on my fingernails. Ehh, and I need to cut them anyways - stupid sensitive nailbeds. I can't touch cloth or file them after I cut them or I'll start shivering.

I guess this post was pretty random, but nothing has shown up and nothing is good, so...

Damn, wish I had some cool catchphrase to sign off a post with.


  1. Hmmm. There are all sorts of storm puns you could make. I'd go with "weather the storm" but that's just me.

  2. Catch phrases are silly anyways, but if I had one it would be "living the dream", or something crazy like that :3


    Hell yeah! Coffee! If I could hi-five you right now, I would.