Saturday, March 26, 2011


no cant bear it dont want to see it again branches and thorns reaching out dont make me go i dont wantto why why why why why save me

That was my dream. The one I apparently didn't remember, and didn't write down.

Either I fooled myself into thinking I hadn't, and deleted the post somehow, or... a proxy or Revenant or Redlight(s) or whathaveyou hacked my blog and put it up there and then deleted it, just to freak me out.

I'll admit... goddammit, it's too easy to remember... that place. 

I need to... do something. Take my mind off of... this.

Fuck, why can't I get away?


  1. Perhaps you need to work on forming a sort of barrier on your mind if you keep on dreaming like this. I fear that he may be directly effecting what you dream.

  2. Maybe is all I have to say.

  3. Redlight - As if I could ever trust anything you ever say.

    Rebecca, I'll... try. It's better than being lured out again.