Tuesday, February 15, 2011

You Are Useless

And so am I.

I'll probably never see any of you in real life. Getting help from you... text messages and pleading won't bring anyone back, threats and curses don't do anything. We always offer help and wish for each others' safety, but really...

Most of us don't live in the same place. I know I can't suddenly travel somewhere and find any of you, and even if I could, I'd be no help at all.

What's the use?

I'm not crazy enough to combat my fear. I'm paralysed by it. I can't rush off or even save myself, let alone anyone else. I want to help, but...

I'm nothing, really. Just prey. I'm amazed I lasted this long, really. I'll try to hold on and not get depressed, but... I don't know. Don't expect much of me. Ever.


  1. Really? This is the route you're taking?

    My god damned sister is being hollowed, and I'm not giving up.

    Sammie may be hollowed, but just rolling over and giving up isn't going to help a fucking thing. Have your mourning period, and get on with it. It may seem hopeless, but we have seen people who have impacted Him and even hurt him. Hell, I even managed to scratch his chest. He almost killed me for it, but I hurt him god damn it.

    YOU CAN'T GIVE UP! The more of us that fall, the stronger he gets. Never give up...

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  2. Storm, I'm not that far away. There are people who can HELP YOU. Need a Hallowed cure? Talk to Cheska. Need fighters? Oh, I don't know, THERE ARE TENS OF US ALL OVER THE WORLD. Come on, there's always hope. Remember that.

    NAPPA, Friend, Therapist

  3. Shelby's right. We love you Stormy, Sammie too. If you need us you only need to ask. You can't just roll over and take it. You might not be strong, but guess what. None of us are. Alone we're all prey, but we're not alone. None of us.

    You need a fighter? You've got me. E-mail me. We can work this out.

    I still need my editor.

  4. ...I want to tell you all to shut up, because I don't want quick internet therapy and because I'm too tired, but...

    My conscience is kicking my ass anyways.

    Some people dealt with this for way longer than I have. Sammie, maybe - I don't know when she first saw Him. I want help - believe me, I do - but it all seems so...


    Don't mind me. I'm listening to Resolve, trying to up my mood - but then I see Hoso's tags of LIAR and that bothers me more. Sorry...

    I love you all. I'll... say something less depressed later. It's just... I thought Sammie was normal, out of this, and to know she was hiding it...

    That hurts. Was she more selfless than me, to hide it rather than scare people with codes?

    ...I wish I could decide.

  5. It's psychological warfare. Even if we can't directly help our friends, we can try to lift their spirits up and try to comfort them from this Thing, this Enemy. I can testify that the comments on my recent... dilemma have helped me feel, if not better, then more calm and focused.

    I know that at times I do feel useless. But know this, Stormecho; one can last from the Slender Man for months, but if that one does not have any friends encouraging him/her, that person will go insane in the end. It's sort of like surviving a Zombie Apocalypse; you may be able to fight the zombies avoid being eaten, but after several months alone you'll go crazy. It's a similar situation here; if we can't directly help someone, then we need to encourage one another and left up our spirits.

    ...fuck, am I making sense?

    Anyway... I'm sad about Sammie too; she was one of the first people I talked to when I got started in this mess. I hate not being able to do anything too, but until the day comes when I can... fuck. I don't know what to do, but when I can finally help her, I will.


  6. No. Enough is enough!

    Stormy, Sammie is my friend. I know we haven't talked very much. I know I've known her less than a month. I also know that I cannot sit around and offer kind words when she's been hollowified or whatever.

    Stormy, not to be cruel but sitting around feeling helpless isn't going to get anything done. It just helps Slenderfuck in the end.

    You took action not a day ago. Your vote helped save Reach. It was a tough decision, and I wasn't able to do the same. It took more strength than I had. You're strong Stormy, but you're so busy telling yourself that you're not that you've blinded yourself to it.

    We can beat this. We can beat Him. But if you keep hiding behind how useless you feel, you're just going to hold us back.

    Get your shit together, or we may lose Sammie forever.

  7. "Get your shit together."

    This. Plain and simple. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. That helps nobody.

  8. ...Consider my shit gotten together.

    At least for a while. Thanks, guys.