Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have You Ever

Seen Him touched by snow? Or rain, for that matter?

It snowed today, and I watched for a while until I couldn't take it any more and had to close the window and sit in a corner for a while. Pathetic, I know. Still, it bothered me. It's not like the clouds parted right overhead just so that snow wouldn't fall on Him or anything like that. It fell above, and then... it just disappeared.

Maybe it just shows how He doesn't belong here... I don't know.

Says a lot that I just ponder metaphysical question about Him after getting over my fit of fear. I'm not worrying about missions or going up against Revenants or leaving the house... I worry about you guys, but considering the options, I suppose I could say I'm lucky so far.

How ironic that I go into a BSoD about everything that happens, then. I should be... I don't know. More willing to support you guys. Sorry. If you ever cross the border and come up here, might be willing to help out. Slightly. I'm pretty isolated, though - all of you seem to be in America or Europe, right?


  1. Heh...I'm not TOO far away. Ohio's close enough. I have a passport.

    I can make no guarantees, but if things get bad and we have the chance, we could come get you.

  2. Ugh. Snow? I am really growing tired of snow. In Seattle now. I may just have to take you up on that. Provided that it stops snowing up there. Sorry Stormy, my editor isn't that important to me. ;)

  3. It snowed today....

    I almost feel like going up there with you. I really do.

  4. Don't worry. It was plus 9 yesterday, if windy - spring is coming on fast. We just had a bit of a relapse that'll last for next week, but that's it.

    Echo, give me something to edit... I need to prove my worth somehow, right?

    Surprised that so many of you guys are actually thinking about it.

  5. Archive Binge indeed...

    listen, if you ever need to talk... whether it's to bring you down from a panic attack or just to vent at someone... let me know. helping people is what i'm good at, and you seem like you need it.

  6. Oh, so I'm worthy of archive binging now? Thanks for following me back, Haku - if I can call you that.

    Yeah, I... I don't have a lot of willpower, or any emotional strength or anything like that. I'd like to admit that I do need help.