Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fuck This


I didn't get pulled out by all of your efforts, I didn't overcome all my terror - just to see someone else get pulled in. Fuck you, Holly, why couldn't you say something sooner, do something to get help? I know internet therapy doesn't work, I know comments are infested with trolls and insincere messages, but fuck it, to see someone do the same thing I did... At least I have some knowledge of random codes now. As if that'll help in the end...

I talked to Lucien. I'm scared, I'm a coward, I haven't done anything important or worth noting in my entire life - but... what's going on now. The plan, Robert's return, how everyone has joined in... even if I'm a failure and weak, I could do something, help at least in one minor way....

Holly's code-post:

Made a Twitter, just because I know Holly was on it a few hours ago.

Short story: feathers - feathers of Ma'at, symbol of balance
bells, hoofbeats, hounds at night - Wild Hunt and Gabriel Hounds, Cwn Annwn, symbol of chaos, both hunts humans and guides their souls
mistletoe - Norse myth of Baldur, god of light, being killed by mistletoe striking his eye, thrown by Loki. Light drowns in darkness. Start of Ragnarok.

Stay safe or sane or alive, guys, because I don't know what I'll do if you don't.


  1. That's the goal. My throats starting to act up, but unbeknownst to Slendy I can be a stubborn ass when I'm threatened.

    In other news, I completely failed at picking apart your story. Yay, me! I guess I should brush up on my Norse.

  2. Stormy, you aren't a coward. It takes more balls than your giving yourself credit for to face something THAT HAS NO FACE AND KILLS PEOPLE. GUESS WHAT? HE SCARES THE FUCK OUT OF EVERYONE.

    You got over it. You came back. That is what is important. Wake up Stormy, we still need you and want you around.

    Nice connections. I failed as well, Branwen.

    Sorry for my slight explosion. God I hate seeing you guys down on yourselves when I'm sure you've been doing the best you can, and when I think you handled Slendy as best as you could think to do.

  3. Stormy, you're not a coward. You're willing to join the fight like the rest of us. That counts for a lot more than you seem to be willing to take credit for.

    And hey, the code thing? I wasn't around then, but I don't blame you for trying to protect yourself. As Sammie said, you're being stalked by a humanoid abomination. He's like needles, everyone is allowed to be afraid of him.

    If you need us, we'll be here.

  4. @Branwen: It's fine, I'm proud that I managed to be subtle enough about all of that... All the old pagan myths are awesome.

    Again, thanks guys. Really. Having people yell at me on the internet is... surprisingly motivating. Guess that says how much of a life I have, eh?

  5. Look, I'm okay. Don't worry about me. I had a freak-out with that long rambling post, and I don't know how that coded post got there, but I'm okay. I promise you, I will never start posting codes and puzzles of my own will- I wouldn't do that to you.

  6. ...I failed to find all those refrences too...>.> I really should look up more mythology other than just Greek, Roman, and Egyptian....

    Anyways, keep going, we need all the help we can get.

    Oh, and thank you very much for following me XD

    Best Wishes