Monday, February 14, 2011

I Suppose I Should Thank You

For following me, I mean. 22 people?

I'm surprised. Welcome, to all of you - and I'm sorry, things have been... crazy enough that I didn't mention you at all.

...Yeah. Been writing and doing what Echo advised to keep from freaking out too much. Makes it easier.

...I wrote a story about... Him for my final project for Writer's Craft. I thought getting all the fear out would make it easier, you know?

That... didn't work.

Don't know why I'm telling you guys this. Things are still crazy... but you guys are acting like you have plans. Maybe you don't and I'm just too blinded by hero worship to see it.



  1. Stormy, keep it together. Evade, evade!

    I'm watching you. That sounds bad but I hope you know I mean well.

  2. No problem!
    You wrote about him? I feel bad for ya. I know I have no plan, but I dunno about the others....

  3. @Slice - I'm pretty sure you mean well. Still.

    @Shelby - Yeah. Family said it was a creepy, good psychological horror story. They... don't know.

    Is it safer, for now? Keep them out of the loop? I mean, Ava's mom knew but... I don't want to put them in danger. If He appeared to them... it'd tear me apart.

    Sorry. Not the most cheerful person right now.

    I'm in school, but there's a window looking out on the field and the track and the small woody area we have.

    So... guess.

  4. I had to tell my parents. Only my mom believes me. I have to explain to dad why I'm so scared. Unless they ask, say nothing. And just try to stay focused.

  5. Do what you think is right Stormy. That's all any of us can do.

  6. Do what you can. Know that your dysfunctional family is here to support you.