Tuesday, December 21, 2010

West of the Moon

So~ It's been quiet over here. I was just chilling with my friend for a while, which is why I wasn't on much. Ah well.

The solstice! Longest night of the year, shortest day, the halfway mark and a counterweight to keep the balance. Lots of stuff is apparently going on - the lunar eclipse, a blood moon - at least, that is what I've heard - and I can look forward to slowly seeing increments of daylight return in the late hours.

It's also officially the first day of winter, though it's been freezing up here for the last four weeks. And we don't have much snow, just some stubborn clods staying despite how sunny the last few days have been. It shames me that America is getting snow, but a city north of the border has to cling to patches of white. True, snowstorms would be useless with no school, but the sight of snow on the ground and light bouncing off of it is optimistic, in my opinion.

A land bereft of snow but bitterly cold is more depressing. Besides, Christmas lights look far more awesome on fresh snow, with more on the way, and I'm sentimental enough to want to look out the window in a warm house and see snow falling - perfect idea of a winter night, eh?

Admittedly, I know that a great many people don't have the luxury or the safety of being inside whilst snow falls, and my wish for a nice backdrop is outweighed by their wish for warmth, food and shelter. I hope their wishes are granted.

On the creepypasta front, it seems that the solstice is pretty important. Good luck to them for that - to use creativity and belief as weapons is something I definitely approve of.

...Not much else to say. Happy holidays and stay safe, non-existent readers~


  1. Question actually, cause I'm too lazy to look it up X3: what is creepypasta? I've heard it referenced before, but don't REALLY know what it is. *feels dumb*

    okay... no need to answer... just looked it up on Know Your Meme... heh... so you really meant "On the *insert* Slender man *insert* front" but yeah... it was supposed to be a really important day... and well... we lost quite a few people from what I can tell... and I... well... I did things... but yeah... It was a big night...

    Raz P.

  2. Yes, well, didn't want to name it at the moment because I had a rather interesting dream after too much archive binging before bed. x3 Not "creepy trees trying to kill me!" but... watching a normal video of people suddenly sitting down and complaining about how tired they were, and then someone watching the video with me directing my attention to random people walking past. Guess what one was! 8D (He was wearing some sort of leather wizard robe... my mind still associates him with Voldemort, which is good) No distortion though, just my mind playing on my paranoia.

    ...Which is why I avoid pictures or video series like crazy. >>

    Mhm, I heard about that. It's... sad. Don't want to talk too much about it, but I did look up to the Sage of Nothing...