Friday, December 17, 2010

A Rather Standard Introduction

So! Why hello, non-existent readers! Perhaps, one day, I will gain a follower and they will archive binge this whole thing and uncover this post and know, with a warm glow in their hearts, they I no longer speak to imaginary people.

Or not.

I tend to be a sarcastic, self deprecating person who attempts to be a Large Ham - key word being attempt - so please bear in mind that I will try to be funny very often here. Very, very often. You should flee in terror right now. That aside, and all hopeful readers chased off, I would like to inform the void here that I am female. I go by Stormecho or Storm, the latter being more popular because I believe everyone on the Internet is lazy and doesn't like to type more than they have to. I live in Canada, in an urban wasteland that sadly I cannot navigate, and I want to be a writer. And not a writer of anything, oh hallowed void of blogspace, but a writer of fantasy. I shall now do flashy jazzhands at the screen for your benefit.

Not specializing - I have some ideas for twisting at the focal points of some fables, some modern fantasy involving gods and belief which I will try very hard to keep from turning into a bad copy of American Gods - by Neil Gaiman, who is epic, for the uninitiated. Oh, and a high fantasy quarter-done thing which I like and yet hate. I have three styles of writing. Severely informal, which you are perusing right now, normal prose, and poetic prose, or my cryptic "dreams or character going insane or something very important!" style. I also write fanfiction. I like anime/manga series, mostly supernatural. I like ones marvelled to be awesome and deep and mindscrewy, and I also like gateway, overhyped ones that have too many rabid fans. I take pride in being relatively lowkey as a fan.

I said I am a wimp. This is true. Naturally, I spend my time reading creepypasta - not really into SCP, but some Pokemon creepypasta was interesting until I jaded myself to it by reading more - and I'm not really sure of where this is going to turn up, so I'm not mentioning the one thing I do read avidly. I don't watch creepy videos. The images get clearer in my head over time, watching portrayals will solidify it and then I'll never sleep again.

Other useless info: I love to read, play loads of video games as well as flash games, roleplay like crazy, and my biggest occupation seems to be avoiding school work. I am seventeen, turning eighteen soon, and I come from a Polish background, though my hatred of cheese and cheesecake means I am a freak. I was a weaboo, but learning Japanese cured me - I can now freely rant about particles and different forms for conjugation and 'i' adjectives that look like 'na' adjectives and more.

Finally, this blog will be for... something. I might put up entries of my old dream diary - I need to start recording them again, damn it - or some poetry and stuff from Writer's Craft, or my fanfics, or excerpts of what I'm actually working on.

Ooooor I might just rant about whatever topics catch my interest. You never know~


  1. Your interests, they are relevant to my interests! Nice to meet a fellow troper, RPer,and writer. :) Thank you kindly for following me, have a follow in return!

  2. Ah, a follower! I feel so honoured~


  3. Must get you to read something if you haven't.

    It's kind of a long read, but I think you'd love it. House of Leaves. Go find it! It's a novel, so I recommend checking in your local library. If you can't find it there just go to a bookstore and buy it. DO IT! It's great mind-fuck times. =3

    Raz P.

  4. Oh yeah, I know of it, thanks to TV Tropes. Hard to ignore the text in blue when they're mentioning mindscrews... I have a gift card, so I'll certainly look for it now~

  5. lol awesome! Let me know what you think of it. =3

  6. Aw shit! You're the Canadian me! House of Leaves was amazing, I loved it so much.

    Anywho. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of, or anything else really e-mail me. I'm pretty sure my address is in my profile. :)