Thursday, December 30, 2010

An "Oh Crap" Moment - A Milestone

I know where you are.
I'm coming for you.
Eyes open.
Be alone.

Such goes Vexil's message, which is confusing - I could have sworn he wasn't Hollowed/infected/whatever-you-call-it when he put up a blogpost earlier today. Unless this message is coded in binary to be comforting. That or someone hacked into his blog. Get better passwords, guys! Chemicals and really long medical drug names work great!

Trying not to think about how I'm getting constant chills up my spine. Geez, try to help one person by pointing them to information and I get this. Great, eh? I'm not ever making you waffles, Vexil. Just saying.

...Doing my best to laugh at this, as you guys can probably tell. Also, to distract myself, or maybe lure more theories out of my beloved followers, I think I'll tell you about a dream I had that I still remember pretty clearly. Because clearly the one thing you want to do is read about my weird dreams.

Starts off in a town in or near a forested mountain. I'm working with an unknown sister who I don't actually have - or, more precisely, watching kids younger than me make a cathedral out of plastic building blocks/jigsaw pieces. This goes on for a really short time, then this tall guy with black hair wearing a white, stylized hawk mask over half his face comes in and berates us all for doing a horrible job. Apparently we were living in the cathedral we were building, because he then kicked us out, took all our money and then singled me out to inform me that I would be forced to leave the town entirely with no food or extra possessions, and just... walk somewhere.

Yeah, a great guy, eh?~ And yet I'm totally willing to do this. It's hard to describe, but there's this feeling of insane adoration and respect for him. Worship, I suppose. Scene changes, we're walking on a path through the forest. He gives me a deal - either just leave, or accept his gift of not being able to die from hunger, dehydration or from exposure. In return, when I do die, it'll be a long, slow death with my energy and health being eaten away. I take it, then stalk him and continue to talk about... random stuff. Scene change to a beach at night, talk more about how I want to learn more about the goddess Diana (I am a big Artemis fan in real life). He then told me he was god of more than wildlife. Then dawn comes, I leave the town, dream decides the most interesting plot point is gone and fades away.

So... yeah. After that, I was convinced for a while that I was chosen for some divine purpose by a pagan god. It's been three years, though - not likely now. He did bear some resemblance to some Egyptian deities, though - Sokar and Horus, though the former more than the latter. Something to think about while I try to keep from looking over my shoulder, I suppose...


  1. Yea, I don't know how to deal either. I'm putting up a new post though, been out all day. I think you'll find it interesting.

  2. Nice Milestone.

    No, not really.

    That would kick my paranoia into incredibly high gears.

    The dream sounds awesome though xD

    Good luck, stay safe!

  3. Yeah, I babbled about it to my dad.

    ...I'm hoping he thinks I'm part of an ARG and is trying to gamejack. Or... or something. -_-

    The dream was awesome! What was more freaky was when I called my friend, her dream had small elements in it that were the same. Nothing noticeable, but once we compared them, little things were... very similar. Freaked us out.

    Good luck and stay safe both of you~ I need to be alive to meet my five epic friends for New Year's Eve, so you shouldn't worry too much about me~

  4. That... Probably went over well.

    Sounds like your dad is more Internet savvy than mine is xD

    Taht's kind of cool though, Now you have a dreamy relationship with your friend~ (That sounds like I'm implying something. Not what I meant xD).

    Hey, it's always nice to know that someone cares~

  5. Good luck to you too man. :) Eyes open, as ominous as the advice is, it's good. My new post is up now.

  6. Oh, he is - he's a moderator on a massive Polish motorcycle forum. We're both glued to our computers. x3 The second sentence was supposed to indicate Vexil, but now I see it was horribly written. Ah well.

    XD If I could fall for anyone, it'd be her, believe me~ But I am removed from the turmoil of romance and love. Makes things easier, though.

    Eh, I've calmed down a bit. <3 Just look out for yourself, kay? I don't want to lose someone who reads my writing! XD

  7. That sounds like at least something to bond over :/

    Awww, that's sweet~ And lucky you. I don't need to tall you what my love life looks like *le sigh*

    That's good. And I'll try. I'd rather not be lost myself.

  8. You might be being called by a deity, you know!

    I mean, it'd be worth checking it out. The Gods are supposed to work through dreams and signs. Investigation might be worth it!

    Also, I feel so left out, no one sends me cryptic messages D=

  9. I put some stock in Tarot readings - my aforementioned friend gets some unnaturally accurate ones sometimes. I was told to... wait.

    I haven't talked too much about that dream and hawk-mask-deity otherwise. My family and really close friends know, but that's it.

    Psh, that message creeped me out. You can have it if you like - Vexil's still not getting any waffles when I send some to all of you through the power of the interwebs.

  10. I put heavy stock in Tarot, its one of my Talents!

    so if the cards say so, let it be so.