Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Never Thought I'd Need An Excuse...

To totally plug my writing and beg for reviews. And yet, I actually didn't so far - not until you guys all asked for me to link you. SO. has all of my... fanfiction. Not much of it, currently working on a Pokemon fanfic as priority, with a xxxHolic and Shaman King crossover one-shot following, aaaand an Okami drabble - yes, Okami is amazing, I adore it for how cute and yet serious it can be - bouncing around in my head. My profile is here: IF YOU LEAVE REVIEWS ON ANYTHING, I WILL LOVE YOU SO MUCH.



My deviantart also has some fanfics, more based on some roleplays I did, and some original work, so I will link in the comments if you really want to take a closer look at that. x3 Hm... think that's it. A hearty welcome to all of my new followers - I feel really surprised that I already have six. <3


  1. Thanks Stormecho! I need an excuse to subscribe to someone else on Fanfiction xD

    How do you think I felt when I hit 10? I think I have more followers on blogger than I have IRL friends xD

  2. Anonymous here...

    Hi hi! -Just- reviewed Crowned with Steel so my review'll be popping up soonish. X ) I really, really enjoyed that story. =D

  3. Woot! Thanks for the review and the subscribe - I'm glad the progressive change in her mindset was shown well. <3

    I'm also thrilled you liked it. /Thrilled/. Would you like some virtual cookies? Or a glomp? I don't get much critique on my stories, so. x3

  4. Holy God, you're fifteen and female. Are you my long-lost twin? Be honest, now. :|

    I'll be sure to leave a review on some of your writing! <3 It looks good so far.

  5. Woah, I made that profile two years ago? Geez, that's weird. Sadly, I just didn't update it - I'm almost eighteen.

    Yay, reviews! Oh, and... *glomps Anonymous*

  6. Anonymous here...


    but you know what would really make /my/ day? = ) If you were to follow me and answer the little poll on my blog. XD I'm just seeing who all is out there and what they would file themselves under, also I like hearing people's opinions on stuff I post.

  7. Ahahaha~ Do I spot some not so subtle plugging?

    I must admit, I'm sorry I didn't follow you earlier! The poll is interesting, given I really hope my answer to it won't change soon. Consider yourself stalked~

    ...Hopefully I'm the most energetic of your stalkers, but is that a bit too much to hope for? D:

  8. Hello, Sweetheart.
    Consider yourself part of the mythos.




  9. Anonymous here...

    well so far you are the most energetic of my stalkers. X ) I haven't seen Him yet, so I don't count Him as a follower just yet, though I have felt something wrong several times recently. Like the world around me just isn't right.

    @FindersKeepers lol yeah, the second you mention Him in any context or comment on someone's blog who is being harassed by Him, you're a part of the Mythos. XD

  10. ...Should I be congratulated on this? 8 followers is /great/, but then. Part of the Mythos. Hm...

    Yeah, I'll have to think about that one.