Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Fun - Note Sarcasm

Alright, so my holidays were... interesting. My family is Polish, so we tend to celebrate a big Christmas Eve dinner - 13 courses, no meat, a massive amount of fish, some holy bread before we eat, borscht with mini pierogies, more fish... Great, except for the fish, which I can tolerate but don't like. By tradition now, I tend to eat some sliced baguette, the borscht, wince and down the holy bread as fast as humanly possible and wait or flee till dessert shows itself. Like I have now - everyone is eating some fried fish except for me. I have come upstairs to finally get the last few paragraphs of a fanfic chapter right, and to post over here. My aunt and grandmother are alternately being pushy at each other, at other people, or at me for not eating enough. My aunt is very uptight, rather strict - I always found her house a cold place, emotionally.

My grandmother I just have to put up with her steadily becoming more tipsy and more insistent on favouring me over anyone else. Such as making anyone on my side of the table shove other a few inches so I wouldn't be squished against the corner. She's mentioned this about... five times, tried to suggest it to me when the other chairs were unfilled, and due to me being a stubborn-ass Taurus, she got my back up and practically had me bristling. Also tried to sneak some fish on my plate after I already said I was full and didn't want any - a repeat of last year when she slipped some apple pie on my plate when I wasn't looking, which I then had to put back with many a glower while she pretended to be innocent.

I know, I know - it's petty, but most of our fights start over this kind of thing.

Hanging out with my brother and sister (technically his wife by common law, or his girlfriend that moved in or something) was fun, though, and they tried to make me drink some alcohol. Being 17, I could - but I only ever had two sips of beer and the rich reek of wine ensures I never tried some. Also, beers smells bad, tastes bad and is fizzy - I'll stick to my water. I got a shitload of muse to write yesterday evening and today, so I was a bit of a grump because I needed to write, and to hell with eating, getting some rest or helping out. Of course, I did all three, but sullenly...

Psh, I need some self control with that.

On other, far more awesome news... I have followers! I clicked around some of my favourite blogs to read and stalk, finally decided to follow them, and Holly Ven and Hosozokuri reciprocated! This makes me a very happy Storm, I feel free to inform you. I truly am honoured~ And I am no longer typing to a void of nothingness! Huzzah!

Also, Hoso - if I may shorten your name due to my horrible laziness - your songs are amazing. I seriously listen to them to set mood for my writing, and "Resolve" will randomly enter my head all the time. They're beautiful. <3 "Seeking the Truth" is also epic, and a worthy tribute to the blog.

...Not much else to say. A bit miffed that a very close friend of mine couldn't stay over for the dinner, but she and her mother and grandmother went to Christmas mass. I was hoping, but... it probably wouldn't have happened anyways. I really should work on that fanfic, and then maybe watch some old Beast Wars to feel a rush of nostalgia.


  1. Heh... reminds me of my family... I almost wish I could spend this christmas with them... almost. X3 Yeah, I saw your comment on Kiki's blog and I decided to go ahead and check out your blog and follow it. =3

    What's the fanfic of? (If I may ask) and are you going to upload it on here? =3 *hopeful eyes*

    Raz P.

  2. *follows back* Oooh, sounds like you're having all sorts of family fun time. Good luck with that :3

    Ugh. I hate fish. So glad my family isn't uber religious like that xD

    Merry Christmas!

    @Raz: You're into fanfiction? I wasn't aware of that.

  3. We're actually not entirely religious - just traditional about it. I'm searching for a religion, but I still have to eat holy bread because it's a Polish family thing. x3 I did get money, a massive amount of chocolate (awesome), some clothing and I'm apparently getting some books or video games later.

    Yay, welcome, Raz! I feel so famous, so many followers... XD I currently am considering writing some Okami fanfics, but I tend to write Pokemon because the 'verse is so easy to dive into. I can post the links to my profile, but there's not much on it right now other than... Pokemon. The one that I was talking about in the blogpost was a rather unoriginal idea that I then revamped and added subplots in for a great deal of mindscrew. x3 I tried to make it rather grim and suspenseful - not sure if I succeeded.

    A somewhat belated - it still counts on Christmas Day, right? - Merry Christmas to all my followers, who are epic people~

  4. @Kiki Yuuuup! X3 Well I haven't had much time for reading any lately. =3

    @Stormecho I love Okami!!! it's like Legend of Zelda, only funny. X3

    Please link!

    I'm epic! Yay Christmas! X3

    Raz P.

  5. Anonymouse here...

    Yeah, rahn74003 is me. It's my email (don't email me there! I don't check it) and for some reason when I follow people that shows up instead of my blog account.

    Heh, my family's nothing like that. X ) We usually just have a two course meal, a huge first course and then desert. My mom usually fixes a really awesome pasta, which I still think is weird for Christmas, but I do love it. XD

    I agree with Raz, I think I'd like to read your fanfics. = ) So please link them if you would.