Monday, December 27, 2010


In case some of my - eight now - followers did not notice, Jeff has joined the party. Jeff, who welcomed me to the Mythos.

...The Slenderman Mythos.

Joy, first time I typed his name/title/whatever on here or anywhere else for that matter. I'm pretty sure this all came about because I am a roleplayer. A writer. I adore playing stuff out with people, and I've been checking the main blogs since the beginning of December. Which meant I missed everything that happened on White Elephants, but that is not relevant. What is: I somehow found my way onto Jeff's blog. Where he reported that Nessa had regained her memories. From there, I went to her blog and commented as a bystander who had been following everything. I'm such a stalker, eh? But yes. I commented.


Maybe Jeff followed me back because I followed him, or maybe because I decided, with my foolish, roleplayer heart, to leap into this problem and offer advice. Regardless, he's my eighth follower, and welcome enough for that. And now I'm more nervous, woot~ See, the line between reality and fiction is really thin, and that was what originally freaked me out. Are these intricate ARGs? Are they reality, a web of despair and running that I plunged into by sheer impulse? I've never had a good grasp on reality to begin with - this probably won't help the matter.

Regardless, I've ensconced myself now - I have a blog, followers, I'm following and commenting on other blogs... yeah, I can't really back out now, can I?

I'm not sure if I really do deserve congratulations, Jeff, for anything other than managing to grab your attention. However, I'm not getting out of this so... I guess I'll have to offer my services as a writer for your entertainment~ I'll be putting up a short story of mine, with loads of fairytale inspiration, today - I hope you guys will enjoy reading it.


  1. Wow... I have to say... it's kind of messed up to "welcome" someone to this world. If you really have been pulled up into this, be very careful Stormecho, be VERY careful. People don't seem to listen when someone warns them to be careful, when it comes to The Mythos, so I want to make sure you do at least a little. You need to be vigilant now. I mean... someone as prominent as Jeff welcoming you... that's big news Storm... Soooo yeah... that's all... just stay safe.

    Raz P.

  2. Don't worry about anything now, Storm.

    But Raz is right.

    Be very careful.

    The reason I welcomed you was because you commented on my blog and Nessa's.

    The good news is, you commented at the point where everything is pretty much dead.

    But I will say, that you have caught my interest because you're such a nice girl.

    PS: I love fanfiction!

  3. Don't worry, I have been careful - no insane archive binging, reading in small increments, doing nothing crazy for the solstice... And I avoid pictures, and especially videos - I'd freak too much if I watched any of the vlogs. I've talked to people in my classes who watched MH but aren't paranoid or infected, so... I so far am safe.

    @Raz Hehe, the only thing better about being more prominent in the mythos was if everyone reviewed my fanfiction. And if I had a scintillating conversation with Zeke Strahm and M about coffee... Jokes aside, I know this is big news. Just, to have Jeff, who I've seen around a lot, comment here - it /is/ big news. I'm not sure if I'm flattered or fully freaked out yet- it's a mixture of both. You stay safe too, Raz.

    @Jeff - Aw, thank you! I'll definitely be careful, believe me. And yay for fanfic fans~

    Kay, the story should be up shortly.