Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why Am I Here?

Not an existential crisis. I'm not that far down the list yet.

No - because I fucking woke up in the afternoon today with Echo screaming at me, about the leave the hotel room, and I don't remember it.

I've been sleeping. A lot. Later than I've ever been used to. Not like... this, though. It's not... lost time or teleporting, but I just...

I was sleepwalking. How ridiculous - my parents weren't afflicted and apparently it's genetic, though there are factors that could have helped provoke it. From Wikipedia: Other precipitating factors to sleepwalking are those factors which increase the slow wave sleep stage.[15] These most commonly include sleep deprivation, fever, and excessive tiredness

Just fucking great. And sleepwalkers look like zombies too. Much as I wanted to get back at Echo in some way for her prank... freaking her out like this was not what I wanted to do.

I feel sick.


  1. You'll feel better if you puke.

  2. Gah D:
    Hope you feel better soon

  3. Oh that's scary. D:

    Hope that doesn't run you straight into danger.

    ~ Branwen

  4. That's fucking scary man.

    Try to rest some, and make sure you can't leave the room. I suggest locking the doors and windows if you can.