Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Currently Imprisoned

So. Not sure when we'll be on the move again, given we have a stalker and I seem to be in the habit of trying to re-enact an escape the room game in my sleep. gnignahc era sgniht 

I'm... trying to be sarcastic and lighthearted about it but I kind of broke down a little before. Crying and stuff. I'm a crybaby - I do it a lot. I'm sure Echo's fed up with me bawling just because I can sleepwalk now. ekaw i lliw nehw

I... don't know what to do, other than drink coffee and set alarms so I don't sleep long. Doors are locked. I feel like I'm... betraying Echo somehow. We're supposed to be Running and I'm tripping her up all the time.

I'm so sorry.


  1. Things are changing? When will I wake?

    Storm? What's going on? End of first and second paragraphs. Is that your doing?

  2. Well spotted DJ. Although, do you compulsively highlight blogposts like that?

    I was going to make a carry on pun, but somehow it doesn't seem fitting now. Dammit Stormy.

  3. Mhm. I honestly compulsively highlight posts. Sometimes backgrounds are dark, text is dark-coloured, so I highlight it to read it better. Its a habit.