Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awakening - Reality



but i was dreaming and there is no truth in sleep

i was dreaming and i wanted to wake up

soon, soon the trees said but i wanted to wake up and

i am awake now

i looked up to you all

so strong so brave so wise and it was easy to dream of fear i wanted to be like you but i could not and then i was Marked

and now there is no more sleep no more dreams

i can begin


  1. I'm going to assume that you're no longer on the side which opposes Him...

    And that was what the trees marked you for. Not death but awakening. Is this really the truth then, now that you're awake?

    -The Liesmith

  2. Oh god, Storm.

    Oh dear god...

  3. i lied when i slept

    i am Chosen now

  4. Which painting's title describes the only uninterrupted winning streak in history?

  5. I don't know at all, so I'm going to guess, "Charlie Sheen".

  6. I feel like it has something to do with death..

  7. Shit, I don't know...the only one I can find right now is, "The Winning Hand."

  8. Wait - could it be a nocturne painting? The End of the Day, The Hunter's Supper, The Spanish Dance, Snow in New York? Obviously listing names isn't going to get me the right answer, but...

  9. Pieter Bruegel the Elder's oil painting "The Triumph of Death"?

  10. May I ask is it a well known painting?

  11. well, the longest winning streak in sports was of the NY Yacht Club in what was known is the America's Cup...

  12. It is, Kay, and Cal got it. Congratulations, Cal. I'm sure Raymond would be proud of a fellow Irishman getting involved if he were here.

    Observe and Terminate is getting hit next.