Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I can't see most of my Twitter past the April Fool's stuff, and... Echo hasn't let me touch the computer until I promised I would only post an update.

I- I think I've been losing time. I blink and Echo leaves the room to get something to eat - and then suddenly she's at the computer and reading something I wrote that I can't remember and can't see. And what I wrote isn't... good, going by her expression and the questions she's asked.

Her blog is scrambled for me - I can see it, and read stuff, but some of the text is squished and inverted.

I'm scared.


  1. See... I happen to think that avoiding the computer when you're losing time is a bad, bad idea. The whole POINT of these blogs, imo, is to keep track of time. Blogs, Twitter, and the rest all have timestamps, so if you forget something, you'll have a record of what it was and when it happened.

  2. I'm reading some of your posts while you lost time, Storm. They're not very good. Even the Twitter feed. I can see why Echo's upset.

    - DJ

  3. Nous sommes tous peur. Prendre confort dans cela.

  4. Of course you are awake, alas you wouldn't be posting.

    And may I just ask, who is the 'I'? Are you still Stormecho, or are you one of his brigade now? From the post above,and other indicators, it seems as though you are...turning...

    Just curious is all...

    -The Liesmith

  5. i am who i always was

    just awake from the nightmares of fear