Monday, April 25, 2011

i didnt know

what to do

left her there so much blood wonder when someone will find her

her eyes were open so i didnt look

been moving


when i slept, i dreamed of killing you all

all of you so strong, some so confident, others managing to live and live and live - i could not do it so i hid in fear until i was Chosen and then i lied, and smiled in my dreams

So many not yet fallen, so many i could Hunt

once i wanted to be like you all


  1. .....damnit.

    Damnit Storm. Goddamnit.

  2. You could still be like us. Greater then us even. Fear is what keeps us going, what keeps us alive. You are not lost. Not yet. You can't be. You can still be free. Not lost yet... Yet you killed her. Or tried to. Your sister not in blood, but in cause.

    Are you still there Stormecho? Or is only an echo left?